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    4DPAC Announces March to Protect American Democracy

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Scott Payne, Executive Director: 202-760-4828, scott@4dpac.com  Washington, DC – 4DPAC announces the "March To Protect American Democracy" in Washington, DC on Saturday, September 16, 2017.  "Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of American democracy," said 4DPAC President Jim Arkedis, "and all Americans should be deeply worried that Russia will interfere again in 2018 like last year." Arkedis continued, "We're organizing this march to demand that our government take action to keep Russia out of American elections." “Despite the unanimous conclusion of American intelligence agencies that Russia tampered in the 2016 campaign, this administration has failed to recognize the threat or implement policies to prevent Moscow’s interference in future elections. While we support the sanctions recently passed by Congress and expect President Trump to sign them into law, they are not enough to change Vladimir Putin’s behavior. We are asking the Trump administration, Congress, and candidates for office to protect the most precious asset American citizens own: their vote.”  “We want to see the U.S. government take the following actions to keep Russia out of American elections,” said Arkedis. The Trump administration must submit a plan to Congress to prevent Russian interference in the 2018 election. The Trump administration must commit to upholding the Magnitsky Act that sanctions Russian human rights abusers. Congress must pass legislation: Supporting the independence of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Forbidding any joint commission on cybersecurity or election hacking between the United States and Russia. Protecting critical campaign and election infrastructure, like voter data and voting machines That candidates for office in 2018 sign the pledge to report attempted foreign interference to the FBI." The march will begin at the White House at 10am on Saturday, September 16, 2017. Following speeches, marchers will proceed north up 16th St., NW to gather at the Russian Ambassador's residence to show our resolve protecting American democracy. More information about the march is available at www.protectamericandemocracy.com. We invite candidates for office to sign the pledge to protect American democracy, found at www.protectamericandemocracy.com/pledge. ###
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    STATEMENT: On State Department Removing Democracy Promotion and Human Rights from Its Mission Statement: Tillerson Must Go. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Connor Goodard 202-760-4828 Washington, DC -- 4D PAC President Jim Arkedis issued the following statement on press reports that the State Department is considering removing democracy promotion and human rights from its mission statement: "The removal of justice and democracy from the State Department’s mission would be a victory for autocrats around the world. Since Teddy Roosevelt, the United States has engaged the world with the idea that our values are our interests. Democratic and Republican presidents have followed suit ever since. To abandon this bipartisan position is to throw away our role as the global leader. Secretary Rex Tillerson transactional approach to diplomacy again displays his fundamental lack of understanding of American interests and values. Standing for democratic institutions and basic human decency has created conditions for a freer, more equal, more prosperous world. Spreading these values also happens to make us safer. Over the last six months, we have seen Secretary Tillerson systematically reduce the capacity of the State Department. He now seems determined to undermine its mission as well.  Tillerson’s morally and intellectually bankrupt approach should disqualify him from continuing to serve as America’s representative in the world.” ###    
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