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    Statement on FBI Investigating Hack of Trump Organization

    4DPAC STATEMENT ON REPORTS OF FBI INVESTIGATING HACK OF TRUMP ORGANIZATION FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Connor Goddard 202-760-4828 May 26, 2017 Washington, DC - 4D PAC Executive Director Scott Payne issued the following statement following the news that the FBI is probing an attempted hack of the Trump Organization. Said Payne, "Once again, we see the abuse of Donald Trump's intermingling of the Presidency and his personal business. The secrets contained in the Trump Organization's files could leave the President and his family open to blackmail. Because he was unwilling to do the right thing and divest himself and his family from his business, this potential hack creates a national security vulnerability that has to be fixed at tax payer expense."   "This news is again more evidence that Donald Trump will never put the interests of the nation above his own. The only solution is for Congress to pass the Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act legislation."  "The fact that no Republican in Congress has been willing to put the country first and cosponsor this bill is, as Donald Trump might say, SAD" ###
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    4D PAC Statement on the Firing of FBI Director Jim Comey

    4DPAC STATEMENT ON PRESIDENT TRUMP'S FIRING OF FBI DIRECTOR JAMES COMEY FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Connor Goddard 202-760-4828 May 9, 2017 Washington, DC - 4DPAC President Jim Arkedis issued the following statement on the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Today, President Donald Trump fired the man responsible for the criminal investigation of the Trump campaign's possible ties to the Russia government.  4D PAC President Jim Arkedis said: "While FBI Director Jame Comey seriously mishandled the Clinton email case during the election, Americans of all political stripes should be gravely concerned that Comey, the man responsible for investigating Trump's campaign's possible collusion with Russia, has been fired."    
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