Candidate Endorsements

For the 2018 cycle, 4D PAC will support strong Democratic candidates in federal (U.S. House and Senate) races. 

Our criteria for candidate endorsement:

  1. A commitment to American leadership in international affairs.
  2. Support policies that strengthen American smart power tools, including diplomacy and international development.
  3. Support a strong military, and believe that judicious use of force can protect American interests and security.
  4. Oppose President Trump's dangerous national security policies and withdrawal of American leadership around the world.
  5. Support strong international alliances to protect America's interests around the world.
  6. National security or foreign policy experience preferred (i.e. Military, Foreign Service, Peace Corps)


4D PAC will also consider the candidate's capability and plan to win in 2018. 

If you are a candidate for federal office (or staff) and want to seek 4D PAC's endorsement, please contact us using the form below.