Talking Points Memo: GOP Attack Lines on National Security

Tonight’s Republican debate at the Ronald Reagan Library will be an attractive venue for GOP candidates to attack Democrats on national security and foreign policy. In anticipation, 4DPAC issues the following rebuttal talking points for Democrats.  Continue reading

Policy Memo: Principles of a New AUMF

President Obama has released a draft version of a new, requested Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) to combat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Continue reading

4D PAC Releases Talking Points for Democrats on ISIS

In the last few weeks, Republicans have tried to hit Democrats at all levels on national security, particularly ISIS. 4DPAC has prepared the following memo, released today, to equip Democrats with the knowledge to: 1. Understand the fractured debate within the Republican Party 2. Explain smart, sound rationale for America's strategy against ISIS. 3. Respond to Republican attacks. Read the memo here:

Talking Points Memo: Combating ISIS

Republicans are trying to turn this election into a national security debate on ISIS. Your opponent may accuse you of weakness, war-mongering, or... both if they’re from the Ted Cruz school. Your opponent may attack the Obama administration and try to drag you down with it. The good news is that Democrats have a great hand to play. First understand the GOP’s fractured positions on security, then digest the Obama administration’s motives, and be prepared for direct attacks.  Continue reading