How We Win: A Statement on the Orlando Shooting

There are no words to express the heartbreak and sadness we feel following the horrific attack in Orlando this weekend. Trying to explain our horror at the grotesque and hate-filled assault on the Pulse nightclub seems almost futile. How do you convey profound grief, shock, outrage, sympathy, and solidarity in just a few sentences? At least forty-nine people are dead, and nothing can bring them back. At least fifty more are fighting for their lives, yet we feel the powerlessness of sharing a few encouraging sentiments as they struggle for survival in hospital beds. We pray and hope that they will return home soon.   Continue reading

4DPAC Calls Out Trump's Bigoted, Sexist Statements on CNN

4DPAC President Jim Arkedis recently appeared on CNN to discuss overheated campaign rhetoric and the un-American backlash against refugees and Muslims.  Specifically, he called out Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump and the effect his bigoted statements are having across the country.  Continue reading

4D PAC in National Journal on Response to Paris

Writing for the National Journal, Zachary Cohen explores how foreign policy PACs will respond to Paris:  Continue reading

4D PAC President on CNN: ISIS leadership vs. freelancers

4D PAC President Jim Arkedis speaks with CNN's Chris Cuomo about the need to distinguish between ISIS's leadership and freelancers. Continue reading

4D PAC President on CNN: Capitol Hill bomb plotter was amateur

4D PAC President Jim Arkedis discusses the FBI's arrest of an Ohio individual planning an attack on the U.S. Capitol on CNN's New Day. Continue reading

4D PAC President on MSNBC: ISIS-AQAP rivalry

4D PAC President Jim Arkedis discusses the ongoing PR battle between al Qaeda and ISIS, as well as al Qaeda's ties to the perpetrators of the Paris terrorist attacks, on MSNBC. Continue reading

4D PAC President on Al Jazeera

Watch 4D PAC President Jim Arkedis speak out against torture and why it hurts our foreign policy.

Lessons from "Schoolgirls," in Nigeria or Santa Barbara

In last week’s speech at West Point, President Obama pointedly proclaimed he didn’t want to live in a world where “our children and grandchildren grow up in a world where school girls are kidnapped.” The president was referring to the terrorist group Boko Haram’s abduction of 200 young girls in Nigeria. Continue reading