Jim Arkedis

Jim Arkedis is 4D PAC's President, and has worked in national security policy and politics since 2002. He has directed the Progressive Policy Institute's National Security Project for five years after working as an analyst for the United States Naval Criminal Investigative Service. He has aided GOTV organizing efforts on the Obama campaign in Ohio in 2008 and 2012, and has been a Fellow at the Truman National Security Project since 2008. Today, he consults with a variety of organizations, including the National Democratic Institute and National Academy of Public Administration. He co-authored a book on the role of money in politics, "Political Mercernaries," published by Palgrave MacMillan in 2014. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Johns Hopkins SAIS.

Scott Payne
Executive Director
Scott Payne has an extensive background in Democratic national security policy and politics. Over 15 years, he has worked for three members of Congress, most recently serving as former Senator Barbara Mikulski's advisor on defense and foreign policy issues. He spent three years at Third Way's National Security Program, working on policy and messaging guidance for members of Congress and Congressional candidates. He has worked on Congressional and Senate races in Missouri and Pennsylvania, and worked as Deputy Political Director for Veterans Outreach for the Kerry Presidential campaign in 2004. He is a graduate of Louisiana State University and George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs. 

Kevin McTigue
Treasurer and CFO

Kevin McTigue is a veteran political operative, most recently serving as the Deputy Director for Independent Expenditures for the Democratic Governors Association. While at the DGA, Kevin managed a $54 million budget and helped elect new Governors in Hawaii, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania, and re-elect Governors in Minnesota, Colorado and Connecticut. In 2012 he managed Congressman Leonard Boswell's Frontline race and in 2010 he managed Bryan Lentz's DCCC Red-to-Blue race. In 2008, he served as a National Advance Staffer for Obama for America and was the Field Director for Bill Foster's Special Election victory in Illinois, a race that Politico called the 2nd Biggest Upset of 2008. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland.

Connor Goddard
Press Secretary

Connor Goddard became 4DPAC's Press Secretary in June 2015. Previously, he worked with the Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED), the American Chamber of Commerce in Jordan, and the Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security. In 2012 he won George Mason University's inaugural policy briefing competition after presenting U.S. options in the Syrian conflict to Senator Charles Robb, General Michael Hayden and Dr. Janine Davidson, and in 2013 he was awarded a grant by Northeastern University to study the development of political parties in Jordan. Today, he works to improve U.S. homeland security policy at the Center for Resilience Studies. He is a graduate of Northeastern University magna cum laude.

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