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Jim Arkedis

Jim co-founded 4DPAC and has been on 4DPAC’s board since 2013.

He has worked as an activist, organizer, and strategists for a variety of progressive campaigns and causes, both in the US and abroad over the course of his career.

He began his career in 2002 working as a counter-terrorism analyst for the Defense Department; he subsequently lead the National Security Project at the Progressive Policy Institute.


Mike Purzycki

Mike is 4D PAC’s Treasurer. He is a researcher and analyst with a focus on national security and public policy.

He has performed media analysis for the U.S. Marine Corps, quality control for Bloomberg LP, and legal industry research for a Thomson Reuters affiliate.

He is a staff writer at Charged Affairs, the journal of Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, and has also written for Better Angels, the Washington Monthly, the Truman National Security Project, and France 24.